In defence of Caged Baby

Caged Baby were a punk band that played small gigs around Reading between 2000 & 2004. Towards the end of their lifetime, the local community became engaged in a heated debate as to whether the band were ‘the shittest ever’ or ‘genius’. Seemingly unable to find a middle ground, Caged Baby were torn apart by their terminally contradictory nature. They rematerialised intermittently at a couple (?) of gigs outside Reading (!) with ludicrously experimental new songs (5/4 time signatures, lyrics inc. ‘a pregnant prawn’, etc, etc) and an increasingly psychotic line-up, before tacitly deciding to kill the project off after a protracted series of physically violent exchanges between band members.

At a point towards the end of this story, they were lucky enough to elicit the appreciation & considerable patience of Alex Petersen, who painstakingly recorded and mixed their only recording, a live performance EP In The Living Room. After years of silence and an eternity of irrelevance, the EP is now made available (below) for the exclusive benefit of Caged Baby’s biggest fan: posterity.

Caged Baby : In The Living Room
  1. Bomber Song 1:58
  2. Blanket Coverage 2:43
  3. Victory in Everywhere Day 2:27
  4. Eaten Alive (by Ants) 1:47
  5. Bring out the Gimp 2:11
  6. Daleks 2:52

Download the EP
(ZIP archive; MP3 format; ~25MB)

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